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We develop software for startups, growth companies, and enterprises
Want to know, how to extend your reach to tech talent?
Our services
At Polytech Software, we help our customers develop advanced software products
Custom software development
Our team contributes experience with the latest technologies and application models offering development services for less than you would spend doing it yourself
Salesforce development
We offer a full range of end-to-end Salesforce solutions including Salesforce product development and Salesforce consulting services
Web and Mobile app development
Bespoke mobile and web development solutions for businesses
QA, testing
We use a comprehensive mix of testing tools to make sure your software meets the requirements and to ensure the stability under heavy workloads
Leveraging both automation tools and highly trained DevOps teams, we help our customers adapt to an environment where software is delivered as a continuously evolving digital service
Data Science
As a result of the information explosion more and more data is being gathered every day. The ability to leverage data has become key to ensuring effective business operation on the market. We analyse collected data to design models to predict future trends
Accelerate important development milestones
and get the expertise you need
On-time and on-budget delivery
We help you bring your best product to market faster to stay ahead of the competition
Reliable, scalable and secure software
We develop software products that you can confidently deliver to your customers
Exclusive technology focus
We serve technology companies because our team comes from commercial technology companies like yours
About Polytech Software
We have been developing and testing software since 2006. The founders of the company and key people in the team are developers by trade, all having a solid working experience not only in Ukraine but abroad. Our approach is based on our interest in all information technologies, so we not only create software, but we live it.

We work out of our state of the art loft-style office space, which is in the center of Kyiv the beating heart of Ukraine's vibrant tech scene. From this workspace we not only work but we also hold training sessions and meet with our many clients.

You or anyone else is always welcome to swing by for a chat to run anything by us, get some ideas, or ask for our help. We say that as already with our help, many companies from the USA, Great Britain, and the European Union have achieved great success in part with software developed and tested by our team.
Why choose us?
Advanced software solutions
We help our clients to develop complex software apps and products, making the best use of our deep-rooted engineering expertise and applying expert software programming and testing skills
Experience and expertise
We were founded in 2006, and since then we never stop ramping up projects and evolving ourselves to keep our results at persistently high levels
Qualified resources and reasonable costs
Our approach is based on the scrutinized client requirements analysis and business processes management for them to be perfectly balanced and cover all possible client needs, save the budget, and ensure timeliness of project delivery
Adaptive development process
We are team players, know how to "plug-and-play" with any distributed development team, maintain close communication, make work, train ourselves and others. We are experienced in both the review and improvement of someone else's code and integration of our developments
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Delaware, USA - Kyiv, Ukraine
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Polytech Software has built advanced and complex software products across various industries, addressing different application types, and leveraging the latest technologies. Our experience will help reduce your execution risks while accelerating the software delivery